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What happens when you cut out coffee

Coffee is an amazing drug - not gonna lie, I used to drink around 5-6 coffees cups a day. The only way I would even be able to wake up and start the day was after my first sip of coffee. The greatest treat in the afternoon, would be a delicious cappuccino. Anyways, needless to say, I was completely hooked.

Unfortunately (but now, fortunately), my body had other plans for me. Suffering from extremely high stomach acidity, I had to make drastic lifestyle changes that were extremely tough at first, but now looking back, they were completely worth it.

The first lifestyle change, was cutting out coffee completely.

The idea of cutting out coffee was never a plan, and the thought of just going through a day without it was the equivalent of watching someone eat your favorite meal/dessert on a table and just being locked in a cage that's so far away that you can't even come near it to even have a smell of it.

Needless to say, I knew I had to do it since my situation wasn't improving. Luckily, I've noticed major benefits of doing so:

  1. My skin was glowing (that's due to the fact that coffee dehydrates you).

  2. I woke up fresh and didn't feel "foggy" (I wasn't dependent on coffee to wake me up anymore).

  3. I didn't have the coffee crash (that horrible feeling after the coffee wears off and you're just so slow for the rest of the day).

  4. I didn't have the instant "boost" that would come up with the body shakes that would follow shortly.

  5. I stopped feeling so agitated.

In total, it actually took me two tries to cut it out until the third time was a charm. Whoever wants to switch up their lifestyle, I urge you to consider how many cups of joe you have a day and just take it from there.

Disclaimer: I've now switched to decaf and allow myself a cup of proper coffee once every 2 weeks or month. The heartburns have lessened, but I now switched to matcha completely (unless it's not on the menu).

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