What does it mean to ground yourself

Have you ever had a feeling where you're just too "in your head" - maybe work is on your mind, or some errands you need to do, or planning for your next social outing, figuring out what to cook for dinner, etc?

In this fast pace world where everything is happening so fast and on the go - there is little room for just hitting pause and sitting down with yourself.

During lockdown, I've learned a new term: grounding.

Grounding yourself - process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental & energy state and reconnecting them.

You don't need to be into meditation to ground yourself. You also don't need to do it for 1 hour. It's actually very simple, and during the day, a simple 5 minutes grounding technique can do wonders for the remaining of the day:

Showering with sea salt:

When you think of sea salt - you think the beach - and you later think nature. When you want to feel close to the ground and to earth, but can't manage a trip to the beach, throwing sea salt from your hair to your body at the end of your shower literally brings you back down to earth.

Placing your feet on the floor:

This section is self explanatory. Sitting up, with your back straight, place your feet on the ground and witness how your feet start to tingle. That's because all your energy is being focused on your feet. Want to make it more fun? Say (out loud or in your head) a couple of affirmations in areas where you feel you need the improvement, so you can manifest it (it could be anything: a bit of self-love; health, work; life purpose; etc).

Walk outdoors:

Imagine this: you wear your most comfiest pair of sneakers; you go out for a walk with your earphones on, or your pet, or your favorite person and you just walk. You walk, look up into the sky, look around you - see other people doing the same and just clear your mind - this is mindfulness. Be it that you're towards the beach, or between the streets and cars are passing by - enjoy the moment.

There are so many ways that would work for you, but these top 3 are my personal favorite ones. This is one of the blessings in life - the ability to come back to your soul.