The tips to follow to have amazing skin

As women, we go through so many changes in our bodies and face that are sometimes unexplainable. I mean, I went from growing up with oily skin to having a completely dry/dehydrated skin in a matter of a couple of months only. It just made no sense to me! I also found myself having pimples on my neck, which weirded me out completely.

Either way, it's safe to say that our face and body always know how to work and send us a "discreet" message to know what's wrong. Also, because we're human beings and not goddesses roaming on earth, it's only natural for us to have pimples in the most random places of our face and body - but, what should be normalized is knowing what's the root of the issue for having all of those pimples.

Because of the different moods my skin would have, I decided to research this situation in deeper depth.


Our face is the first indicator that what we're using on our skin, and what we're eating isn't working for

us. So, if you ever get a weird pimple, you should consider changing your skincare routine, and have a look at your diet. Even if you eat very healthy, you can be intolerant of a few things without even realizing it, and the pimple would be your hint that you're eating something that's not sitting well with you.

Also, our face is also a good messenger for what is going on around and inside of us, here it goes:

  1. Forehead/Eyebrow area - What I've noticed with me, is that the pimples I would get in the middle of my eyebrows were mainly due to the glasses I would wear. So, I always make sure that I wash my eyeglasses with alcohol.

  2. Cheeks - The pimples on the cheeks are mainly due to pollution. Whether we like it or not, most of us live in cities where the air isn't super clean (hello sand, dust, and cigarette smokes). So it's our job to protect the skin as much as we can - I like to use protecting lotions or mists for that. - Your hands. Whenever you rest your head on your hands, just be mindful of all the germs and bacteria you're putting on your skin. I know sometimes after a busy day we need the support but healthy skin is more of a priority! - Your phone. We don't realize it, but your phone touches pretty much anything! It has access to all the stuff in your purse, in your car, your fingers, the table... Anyway, you get the point and it's just a reminder to sanitize your phone everyday!

  3. Chin - Those big pimples that hurt on your chin are an indicator that you may get your period soon. This usually happens after ovulation. - if you're nowhere near ovulation, then the pimples on your face would mainly be due to digestion. At the end of the day, everything starts with your gut - so if your gut is healthy, then your skin is as well.


Your jaw line and neck area is a clear indicator that there's something hormonal related. So, check and see how your period's actually going and around what time of the month you get those nasty pimples!