Spilling the beautea with Silver

If there's an account you should follow for some positivity, and overall great matcha aesthetics, it would be @matchamondaypodcast. They're two best friends who discuss the way to being the best version of yourself - which is what we love in this house!

I've already gotten the chance to interview Mira, who's the other half of matchamonday, and here you get to dive into the world of Silver:

1. What does self-care mean to you? What’s the area that you focus on the most?

Self-care to me was the usual things; washing your hair, doing a face mask, painting your nails, but I’ve realized how much more involved it is throughout the years. Now my biggest form of self-care is practicing self-love and gratitude. I used to have a very pessimistic attitude towards life and myself, but as I grow and reflect I’ve realize how much more beneficial taking some time throughout my day to recognize all the beautiful aspects of life and myself that I love and am grateful for. Even if it’s something simple like my strong legs to get me around or my healthy lungs and the fresh mountain air I get to breathe every day. There’s always something to be grateful for and appreciate about yourself.

2. Beauty related question: what is the one thing that you can never go on without?

I gave up on makeup years ago and surrendered to lash extensions! Luckily my lashes are tough and have been able to handle them for 5years now without fail or falter! While I was a broke student I taught myself to do my own, and haven’t looked back since! So easy and makes me feel like a butterfly!

3. Health related question: What’s your morning routine to start a good day?

I think my morning routine even starts the evening before! I work a 9-5 in Youth Mental Health and Substance Use and truly value my rest, so I prep my clothes, meals, and of course MATCHA the evening before! In the morning I can just focus on getting my teeth brushed and getting emotionally prepared for my day ahead! But matcha is a definite must. It’s a small moment of out of my day where I’m fully present in the ceremony of preparation and I really value it at the start of my day.

4. How do you end your night on a good note? What’s your nighttime routine?

I am the queen of nighttime routines! Throughout high school I massively struggled with proper sleep hygiene. I finally got a hang of it since and have managed to develop the perfect routine that is realistic and sustainable for me! I take the first portion preparing and planning the next day, and then I have a body shower, brush my teeth, and sit in bed with tea and a book or my journal! It really just helps settle my brain so that I can sleep without any stress or worry about the following day.

5. Regarding self-care, beauty and health, what would you have told your younger self?

Listen to your mother (my mum has always been ahead of her time with wellness and nutrition)! Don’t listen to your friends when they go on crash diets or spend so much time, energy and money on products that just take away from your beautiful natural features! It’s not cool to hate yourself so stop because it will make you develop negative neuropathways that will take years to undo! And develop a better sleep hygiene routine and stop playing World of Warcraft until 6am every night!