Spilling the beautea with Nada

When talking about cool content creators, or influencers worth to follow with my friend, the name Nada dropped. Nada alalawi has managed to have a huge following on Instagram by giving her followers an insight on everything health, beauty, and wellness - which is what our house loves. Also, living in the GCC, her advice is very relatable and her mentions are easily accessible!

At this point, she's someone who I really look up to. Whenever I feel myself drifting away from my healthy routine, stumbling upon her stories is always a reminder to keep on going! (Cravings and junk food is all fun and games, until you actually feel so heavy and you need a detox ASAP).

I've had the chance to ask her a few questions, and she was extremely kind enough to answer them. I hope they can influence you, as much as they did to me!

What does self care mean to you? What's the area that you focus on the most?

For me, taking time out of my day to do things for myself away from my phone & exterior distractions is how i define self care. The most important part of my day is my workout, I always look forward to it & cannot imagine a day I dont move my body.

Beauty related question: What is the one thing that you can never go on without?

I love using vitamin c in the morning & retinol at night. Skin care game changers.

Health related question: What's your morning routine to start a good day?

I love starting my day with a green juice made with kale, ginger, celery, cucumber & lemon, coffee after that and a nutritious breakfast like a chia pudding topped with hemp seeds & nut butter

How do you end your night on a good note? What's your nighttime routine?

My night time routine begins with double cleansing. I use Medik8’s lipid balance cleansing oil followed by Dr Barbra Sturms cleanser. Hyaluronic acid, retinol & a good moisturiser & face oil are always part of my nighttime skincare. I end every night with sage tea.

Regarding self-care, beauty, and health - what would you have told your younger self?

To follow through with small self care habits!