Spilling the beautea with Mira

When you're a matcha addict like I am, you end up stumbling onto accounts on Instagram that are, in my opinion, just great! When I started Pumpkin House on Instagram, I was browsing for accounts to follow who resonated with me and what this blog stands for.

This is where I discovered the account matchamondayspodcast. What I love about this account, they don't just discuss matcha, they discuss a little bit of everything while having a matcha. Which is just how we like to do things here.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to spill the beautea with Mira, who's the first half of this duo. Here it goes:

What does self care mean to you? What’s the area that you focus on the most?

Self care to me is therapy. I try to use this time to center myself and ground my emotions and mindset and truly get in tune with my mind and body. I focus mostly on my skincare and setting the tone in my room through lighting, candles, and music.

Beauty related question: what is the one thing that you can never go on without?

Mascara or lashes 🥰

Health related question: what’s your morning routine to start a good day?

Wake up, wash face, skin care, brush teeth, make a matcha, read a book outside, and then go for a walk :)

How do you end your night on a good note? What’s your nighttime routine?

Play some music in the shower, take a hot bath and then have a hot cup of tea and watch a TV show.

Regarding self-care, beauty, and health - what would you have told your younger self?

Society’s perception on beauty is WRONG. As long as you’re happy and healthy don’t give a sh*t what anyone says and don’t change yourself to please anyone, especially a guy.