The easiest Matcha Tiramisu

The other day, my friend sent me a tiktok showing this matcha tiramisu recipe (tiktok handle @audreysaurus).

So, since we're simply obsessed with matcha, we knew we had to make it! We've used the recipe on tiktok as an inspiration, but we added our own little twist to it. Here it goes:


  1. 2 portions of mascarpone (the portion from the supermarket will do).

  2. 1 portion of heavy cream (the portion from the supermarket will do).

  3. Brown sugar (no portion necessary, up to you!).

  4. Gluten-free lady fingers.

  5. Matcha.


First, you'd want to focus on the cream. So in a whisking machine, place your cream and brown sugar (brown sugar to taste, if you want it sweeter just add more to it). Once it's fully whipped, put it in the fridge so it doesn't go flat.

Second, you will take your mascarpone, and whisk it as well.

Once it's all pretty and fluffy, mix both cream and mascarpone until they have this very cloudy texture.

Finally, dip your ladyfingers in the matcha, and start layering it up with your mascarpone/cream.

At the end, throw in some matcha powder at the top for an extra matcha touch.

And, voila! Extremely easy, and very delicious.