Natural ways to deal with menstruation

Ah lala, the beauty of being a woman.

To be honest, being a woman is awesome minus the once-a-month period, and for most of us, the package deal of period and cramps.

I have to admit, that I'm one of the women who used to have horrible PMS symptoms - I would throw up and I would ditch the gym for a whole week due to cramps. I basically felt my life and routine were on standby for a week.

It made me think - how did women in the 1800s (and even earlier) deal with all of this?

Of course, you can always take the OTC medication - it's easy and effective. But, in my case, I had to opt for the natural ways of dealing with all of this. Although it was very tricky, I’ve come to realize and learn that once you’re in tune with what your body accepts, your life changes for the better.

So, I’m here to give you the tips I’ve learned from my family:

  1. Drink Cinnamon Tea. It helps with the nausea and it’s caffeine free.

  2. Dip your feet in hot boiling water. It stimulates the blood flow and alleviates the pain.

  3. Keep your feet warm at all times.

  4. Apply heat on your lower stomach.

  5. Drink lots of water.

  6. Get plenty of sleep.

Of course, if the cramps are too much to handle, the obvious thing would be to check with your gynecologist what the issue would be and if there are any hormone imbalances that triggers all of these PMS symptoms