My summer movie list

Summer - the beach, the sun, the tan, the refreshing drinks, the list goes on and on, and on. For me (and I'm assuming, just like you pumpkin readers), my mood shifts with the seasons and that's when everything changes - in the fall I listen to indie music, in the winter I watch Christmas/winter themed movies, and in the summer I switch to a girl who belongs on a tropical island, who sips on coconut water, and who enjoys reggae and tropical house music, and who just runs to the beach whenever she can.

With this mood, comes in a movie list. So here it goes:

  1. The Before Trilogy (1995-2004-2013).

  2. Moana (2016).

  3. Eat, Pray Love (2010).

  4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013).

  5. The Notebook (2004).

  6. Et Dieu Crea La Femme (God Created the Woman) (1956).

  7. Aloha (2015).

  8. Magic in the Moonlight (2014).

  9. The Beach (2000).

  10. La Piscine (The Swimming Pool) (1969).

  11. The Blue Lagoon (1980).