My fall movie list

I fall in love with Fall. It's my favorite season. I know everyone thinks of New Year, New Me; and although I do follow this rule, I feel that fall opens the doors for so many possibilities that can determine the what could happen for the rest of the (school) year. Perhaps it's due to the fact that everyone returns from their summer holidays in the Fall; which makes me realize that things tend to become more "alive" during the Fall season.

Anyways, aside from new beginnings, there are so many other reasons to love fall - pumpkin everything, leaves changing colors and falling down, the weather... and finally, fall movies:

Here is my go-to list for the movies to watch during the season, or whenever you're craving that fall mood:

  1. Amelie (2001).

  2. Little Women (1994).

  3. Little Women (2019).

  4. Love Story (1970).

  5. Harry Potter series.

  6. Dead Poets Society (1989).

  7. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).

  8. The Lake House (2006).

  9. When Harry Met Sally (1989).

  10. You‘ve got mail (1998).