Why you should have a journal

Whether you're into therapy, or spirituality, I believe there is nothing better than writing down every thought you have - be it a very good thought, a stressful one, etc. It helps you let go of everything in mind, and you can keep it for safe keeping if you're happy with what was written, just like you can let go of it and release whatever was holding you back.


In all honesty, I was never the type of teenager who "kept a diary" - doesn't mean I didn't try! I just never resonated with the idea so I just pushed it aside until I've become an adult.

My favorite time of day to journal is right after work. It's when I write everything that happened during the day, be it good or bad. I dump everything onto this journal and just put it aside. I guess that would be my way of putting the day to an end (work wise), and then start the next chapter of my evening.

One of the ideas of writing down your thoughts is just because; the more you write, the more release and lighter you feel.

Gratitude & Accomplishments:

After I finish journaling, I aim to practice a bit of gratitude and to look back at my accomplishments of the day.

I have a "time for yourself" notebook, where I get to write down my daily intake of water, workout, vitamins, etc. I also get to write down my goals for the month and my main to-dos!

In this notebook, for each month section, I have 1 page dedicated for gratitude & 1 page dedicated for accomplishments and I just add something in every day.


This word has been trending for quite some time now. I don't know about you, but I follow so many accounts on social media that focus only on the idea of manifesting.

Basically, think of it like this: You are envisioning what you want for your future.

The way to manifest, is to write down what you want. The important key here is to write down what you want in the present tense - especially if you aren't there yet!

For example: Have you ever had a dream project that you never got the time to get to?

You can write something like this: "I (name) am worthy to follow my dreams".

Read this sentence everyday (my favorite time is early in the morning after my shower + at night after my shower as well) and watch how things magically start to shift around you. That's because your subconscious if finally starting to believe it.


The word itself is self-explanatory: you are offering yourself support.

Just like manifestations, affirmations come into your life to help you change your perspective, or even just help you keep a reminder of how awesome you are. But, the only difference is that instead of calling something to happen into your life; it just focuses on the present moment and helps you be more positive and kinder towards yourself.

Here is an example of an affirmation: "I (name) am beautiful inside and out".

Just like the manifestations, read this sentence everyday and watch how your perspective changes. That's also because your subconscious is even more convinced of it.

The whole point of having a journal is to take charge of your own narrative - only you can feed your mind and soul with what benefits with you the most!

Although it does feel like homework a bit - you can make it fun! I suggest to buy a very pretty notebook (you can even get a notebook that would match your horoscope's color. For example, I'm an Aries, so my color would be red) so it can feel more personal.