Ideas for a self-care weekend

When the week ends, I get a bit more excited only because that's the only time where I can put my hair down, and relax. For 2 days, there are no worries about what's to happen the next day, since everything is on your time.

Personally, there is at least 1 weekend a month where I just want to zone out completely, and stay at home. I know all those fun breakfasts, big parties, and cool dinners are tempting; but weekends are also meant for you to reset and relax and just be with yourself more than ever.

You can:

  1. Bake something. I always enjoy making my matcha tiramisu. Even if you don't like matcha, you can really make a tiramisu out of any flavor you want. Or, you can just bake anything that gives you comfort!

  2. You can learn something new. I always try to find the next fun thing to do. You can opt for a painting class, or a yoga class. Whatever resonates with you! If you need any inspiration you can have a look at my hobby list.

  3. Take a bubble bath. Baths are known to relax your mind and your body (muscles especially). And, they are known to make your night even more restful. Who can say no to that?!

  4. Get a hair/face mask going on. Shiny hair, and glowing skin = a (more) confident you!

  5. You can catch up on some reading.

  6. You can catch up on some journaling.

  7. You can enjoy a movie marathon. If you need ideas for a movie night, you can look into my movie playlists for some movie inspiration!

  8. You can (and should) rest and sleep.

At the end, and I always say this - we only have 1 physical body. Everyone else is different, and the interests vary from person to person. The main goal is to focus on you and to do something that would make you so happy, and so relaxed. Just always keep in mind, you can't drive a car on an empty gas tank; you can't drive a car if it's so dirty you can't see in front of you. The same goes for us - every once in awhile, we need that extra pampering that always brings us to who we're meant to be, or at least closer to whom we want to be!