How to get healthier hair

I'm pretty sure we all have a common goal when it comes to our physical appearance - to have healthy looking hair. Even if someone doesn't do much for their hair, I don't know about you, but I've never met or spoken to someone who doesn't want thicker, shinier, smoother hair.

I've always wanted straight hair, ever since I used to watch Lizzie Mcguire and I wanted to imitate her style. No joke, Hilary Duff gave me such hair goals, that I used to take her picture as a reference to show to my hair dresser. Young me had no clue on the amount of hairstyling she goes through for each shoot, but I clearly didn't care!

Anyways, since i've been 13, I've been styling my hair with the typical blow dryer and hair straightener. So, I knew that I had to find a way to keep it healthy throughout. That's when I found out that apple cider vinegar is a natural and easy remedy for shiny hair. But, now as an adult, I just needed to discover what else is out there. Here is what I found:

Important Note:

The very first thing in order to have healthy hair, is to use a sulfate free, paraben free and silicon free shampoo. These three are all chemicals that your hair doesn't even need!

Sulfate is basically just a chemical that is used as a "cleaning agent"; paraben is just a type of preservative; and as much as silicons aren't as bad for your hair, because they apply an addition coat into your hair and protects it from heat styling, I just personally think that your scalp and hair are better off without.

If you want to protect your hair against heating products (as you should), I just opt for a simple heat-protecting spray.

For hair loss:

Whenever the weather changes, my hair fall is as crazy as a husky shedding his fur before the winter. Let me tell you, it's unbearable, and quite scary to be honest. So, I've asked around, and I've been told that Biotin is the supplement to help with hair loss.

Make sure that when purchasing it at the pharmacy, to get only a Biotin supplement as some of them are mixed with other vitamins.

To rejuvenate the hair:

When I had a bob, although it was super stylish, I got over it after a couple of months or so. I just grew impatient for it to grow and I just wanted to stop styling it. That's when I had a brazilian blowout... twice.

Although super practical and my life was ten times easier, it's definitely not the most natural option out there.

Needless to say, as my hair was growing, I just wasn't 100% satisfied, since I felt it used to be softer or something was missing. This is where I started to look into scalp treatments and stumbled upon one that I swear by: Scalp Treatment by Virtue.

In only 1 month, I felt my hair slowly transforming to how it was again.

Weekly hair-care day:

Ever since summer started and I've been beaching almost every week, I have become a huge fan of scalp scrubs.

Just as my face needs an exfoliation from time to time, so does my hair and I treat both my hair and scalp the same way: I wash, I rinse, I scrub, and then, I apply my treatment from my scalp onto my roots (and then rince it all).

Let me tell you, that it leaves my hair as pretty as when I leave the hairdresser.

At the end, some of these tips may not resonate with you only because we all have a different scalp and different hair types. But, I'm hoping this is just an eye opener so you can make more mindful choices when taking care of your hair.