Applications to have on your phone

I have a love/hate relationship with my phone - on one hand, I hate that we need it for almost everything, but on the other hand, I love that we can explore so much with our phones and put it to good use!

Here are some apps that I have found extremely useful to keep myself on track of my goals:


Back when the whole world went into lockdown, one of the biggest stress factor was: "how are we going to keep working out?"

Over the past few years, I've become someone who works out regularly, so this was very much on my worry list. Thankfully, one of my best friends is such a work out addict that she gave me this app to download - and there are so many things that makes this app amazing!

First, this app gives you "challenges" with a specific amount of days for you to complete it. Otherwise, you have to start all over!

Second, it gives you the flexibility to choose your favorite trainer. I am obsessed with anything Cassey Ho teaches - I think she's a Pilates Goddess and she makes the workouts hard, but her positive attitude keeps you going!

Finally, they give a lot of tips on everything related to recipes, health & wellness.

My Fitness Pal:

This app is pretty old, and I'm sure you've heard about it someway or another. It's best known for anyone who wants to go on a diet, since you have to type in what you've eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Now, I'm completely against calorie counting - I really think it's extremely demotivating and can make you calorie obsessed! I mean, overall, I'm against the word "diet" and I prefer the word "lifestyle".

The only reason why I even use this app, is to keep track of how much protein and sugar I eat in a day without even realizing it. It helps me keep track and pushes me to make healthier choices!

I am:

I've stumbled on this app pretty randomly - I guess I should say thank you for those targeted sponsors on Instagram!

It's an app that sends you affirmations as a notification - and trust me, this is a notification that you would want to see throughout the day. I just love the balance of receiving 1 notification for work on my phone, and then the next one is an affirmation, reminding me to keep a boundary between work and my personal life.