Accounts to follow on Instagram

It's so easy to get caught up on what you see on Instagram (or even social media in general) - you have everything, and I mean, literally everything on it: from friends and family, from memes to influencers, from tik-tok challenges to cute pet videos, from fashion to makeup, from film to food; and the list goes on, and on.

Over the past year, I've developed a love-hate relationship with anything related to social media. I hate it because it can get addictive; but I love it because there are so many insightful things to fall on if you just broaden your horizon on the typical and popular accounts that have taken over.

If you want to be Healthy:

  1. It's not always that a doctor keeps it real - so if you want a more natural approach to things then go ahead and follow Dr Mark Hyman - Instagram handle: drmarkhyman. He focuses on everything health, and how you can improve your physical and mental state without thinking of the first choice: medicine.

  2. If you want to cook healthy desserts, then you should go ahead and follow my all time favorite account Healthy Vegan Desserts - Instagram handle: healthyvegandesserts.

If you want to change your perspective on life:

  1. During covid and lockdown, I was working a lot on myself and got into meditation. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Maria Leonard, who I will forever be thankful for broadening my perspective. Her daily stories and posts inspire me to become a better version of myself, and I hope she'll have that effect on you too. Instagram handle: iammarialeonard.

If you want a killer workout at home:

  1. I adore core exercises - I love when my abs start to burn and I feel like I can't continue but deep deep down, I know that's when I need to push for more. One of the best workouts for core is Pilates: you move so gently all the while focusing on your muscles. My favorite instructor on Instagram not only posts daily workouts to do at home, but she also has the prettiest and comfiest yoga mats someone could ever ask for - her name is Cassey Ho. Instagram handle: blogilates.

If you want to just feel good:

This section is pretty simple - if you want to follow accounts that differ from the norm and just give you a sense of chill and happiness, you should follow:

  1. Soleiletternel

  2. thatcoolmoodboard

  3. powerofpositivity

  4. globalpositivenews

  5. ourplanetdaily

If you want to feed your wanderlust:

  1. cremedenuage

  2. italysegreta

  3. voyaged

  4. somewheretotravel