3 Ingredient face mask for glowy skin

The other day, I was looking into my fridge and I've found an old matcha pot that I've bought awhile ago that I wasn't a huge fan of, therefore I never used it again.

I started looking up ideas on what to do with it - mainly for beauty reasons. Every website gave me recipes that didn't really resonate with me: It was either for oily skin, or dry skin, or combination skin; and nothing really caught my attention.

That's when I decided to come up with my own recipe, influenced from all these recipes.

At the end of the day, it's all about working on what works for you, and you only.

Using my experience that I've had from having oily skin, to completely dry, to whatever is happening when it's summer and the weather goes up to 40 degrees Celsius. I've mixed the following:

  1. Matcha - for its ability to give you a glowing skin.

  2. Rose Water - for extreme hydration.

  3. Honey - to dry out/prevent any breakouts.

Because these 3 ingredients target each issue that we all face, it actually finds a way to balance your skin out.

In the end, I've ended up having a skin with way less blackheads, that is extremely soft and is glowing like the morning sun.

Note: Regarding the portions, go with what works for you. I recommend using 1 full teaspoon of matcha. If you want it more sticky, then use a bit more honey; and if you want it more liquid, add more rose water.